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TheOneSpy Review – Trusted Spying App To Extend Your Parental Care To 24 Hours

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TheOneSpy Review – Extend Your Parental Care To 24 Hours A Day With One Spying App

What are my kids up to in their phones? This is a big issue dominating the minds of most parents. It is of no wonder that smartphone spying apps are in great demand these days. To meet the growing demand the market is overflowing with spying apps for kids phones. In spite of the too many options available, TheOneSpy spyware is still one of the best favorite for many people. Why is it so? You can know the reasons from this detailed TheOneSpy review.

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Why is TheOneSpy, cellphone tapping software, a favorite?

This question cannot be answered in a single line. You have to know all details about TheOneSpy app to know the answer. All that you wanted to know before you buy The One Spy apps are elucidated with queries and answers.

FAQ #1: What is TheOneSpy and how does it work?

the one spy app download free boxIt is a cellphone spy software that can be downloaded with lots of ease in a smartphone and then installed in the target’s smartphone to spy the target’s phone usage. Once you download TheOneSpy spying software you get an access to a personalized online user interface.

The user has two options to spy the target. He can either monitor the target live or he can access later the data recorded by the interface. This means that even if you are busy, the interface will do the monitoring job for you 24 hours a day.

FAQ #2: What are its features?

Spying calls

You can record calls, listen to calls live and download recorded calls. You can track call location and know all about call history in detail.

Spying SMS

You can read all messages sent and received from the target phone. You can also know the details of the sender or receiver of text messages along with time and date stamp of messages. TheOneSpy is a splendid texting spy app.

Bugging cameras

You can control the target’s front camera and rear camera remotely. You can take photos from the target phone remotely. This will help you to know about the target’s location with the help of this top rated phone surveillance app.

Images spying

You can access the photos taken from the phone, MMS received and sent, images received and sent through WhatsApp and the imaged downloaded from the internet. Internet is full of dirty pictures that can corrupt your child’s mind. You need to make use of trustworthy spying apps for kids phones like TheOneSpy to track monitor and control your teens online activities.

Calendar spying

All smartphones have meeting scheduler, diary and calendar features. All entries entered in them are displayed in your panel.

Email access

Read all received and sent mails without the knowledge of the target.


You will get alert notifications if the target changes his SIM or if he enters a prohibited location. You will also get geofence alert. What does geofence mean? Geofence refers to a virtual barrier. You can define the boundaries and when the target goes beyond the boundaries you get an alert.

No rooting of android phones

You can install this cellphone tap software without rooting the android phones.

Remote control

You can control the target phone remotely. All you have to do is to send SMS commands. You can start an app or stop an app or pause any app or even stop the phone from working through SMS commands.

Social Network tracking

TheOneSpy – Snapchat, The OneSpy – WhatsApp, TheOneSpy – FaceBook – Yes, it works for all these social networking sites. You can monitor and track all activities in these social networks.

Multiple uses with single license

Get a single license. Switch it over to as many devices you want. You can use it for monitoring your family members as well as employees.

FAQ #3: What are the benefits of buying TheOneSpy, the cellphone monitoring software?

  • TheOneSpy compatibility – It is compatible with three main operating systems, namely, android, BlackBerry and IOS.
  • It is affordable.
  • It has several innovative features.
  • It is undetectable.
  • It is easy to install and easy to use.
  • You are offered 24×7 support by a dedicated and knowledgeable members of the support team.
  • You can access the target device from any part of the world. You can extend your parental care and control over your employees wherever you are.

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FAQ #4: Does TheOneSpy work?

This is not the only TheOneSpy review. There are tons of The One Spy customer reviews in the internet. It is enough if you give a quick glance at a few of them. You are sure to be convinced that it does work.

FAQ #5: Does TheOneSpy work in India, Australia, Ireland, UK etc. or does it work in US and Canada alone?

It works all over the world. It not only works in Canada and USA but in all countries.

FAQ #6: How much does The One Spy cost?

There are three different packages available. All packages have the same set of features but the price varies depending upon the duration of the pack.

  • It costs around $55 for 3 month.
  • It costs around $99 for 6 months.
  • It costs around $140 for 12 months.

FAQ #7: Does it have any offers like price refund and free trial offer?

It offers 3-day money back guarantee but there is no trial offer.

The One Spy App Review – The Bottom Line

Did this TheOneSpy review answer all your queries? It is high time you extended your parental care and control over your employees to 24 hours a day. Buy and download the software now.

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TheOneSpy Review – Truly the best spying apps for kids phones that is reliable and affordable? Read detailed FAQ The One Spy app reviews before you buy cellphone tap software to track and monitor someone

TheOneSpy Review

Is this the best spying apps for kids phones that is reliable and affordable? Try it and let us know…