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The Best WhatsApp Spy App Reviews – A Guide To Choose The Right One

The Best WhatsApp Spy App Reviews – A Guide To Choose The Right Spyware Tool

how to hack whatsapp account secretly! find out the best whatsapp hacking spyware tools

Instant Message Services are very popular among people of all ages. Among the several Instant Message Services, WhatsApp seems to be the most popular one because of its ease of use and special features. Anyone with a smart phone uses WhatsApp.

Spying a person has become very easy these days. If you want to find what a person is up to, all you have to do is to get your hands on their WhatsApp chats.

How to access an individual’s WhatsApp chats secretly? It is easy. You have to install a WhatsApp spy app. There are numerous WhatsApp hacker tools available. Do you want to choose the right and best one? Here is a detailed guide.

Before deciding which is the best WhatsApp spy app product, you should know an important thing regarding the legality of using spyapp to hack others cellphones.

Is it legal to use phone spy app to spy on mobile phones secretly?

new lawIts legality depends upon where you are using it. The laws are not the same in all countries. The laws are not the same even in US States. You should check the laws in your country or state.

If you have doubts, you can check with your lawyer. Even if you feel the purpose for using spyware to spy on someone secretly is legitimate, make sure you verify the legality with a legal counsellor.

Which Is The Best WhatsApp Spy App Of 2016?

When you spy someone’s mobile phone you should make sure that your spying activity is not detected by the target. Getting caught while secretly spying on someone can lead to a lot of embarrassment and legal problems. It can ruin your personal relations. The app to spy on WhatsApp messages should be a reliable one and should deliver the best results. Which is the top rated WhatsApp spy software of 2016? A few best selling phone spywares to hack into someone’s WhatsApp account secretly are reviewed here.

Most of the cellphone spying softwares are offered free trials. You can make use of the free trial offers to find out if it works for you or not.

  1. MSpy

which cell phone hacking software works best?

This mobile spy software is considered to be one of the best softwares for hacking WhatsApp in iPhones. Why is mSpy app considered the best WhatsApp iPhone spyware application? This is because there is no need to jailbreak the target’s iPhone. Why is it one of the most preferred apps to hack others WhatsApp messages? It has several unique features that make it stand apart.

What are the important features and benefits of mSpy spyware application?

  • Its presence is 100% unnoticeable.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It not only helps in WhatsApp hack but keeps track of all other activities done through mobile phone.
  • It has several advanced features. Its advanced features include keystroke logging, GPS tracking, call monitoring, spying of browsing history, etc.
  • Access of all data is very easy. All data will be sent to your secret account. You can scrutinize all information from your smart phone or tablet or laptop or desktop computer. You just need any one of these devices with internet connection. Whatsapp conversations of your target phone are yours now. You can probe and analyse them.
  • The installation of mSpy software in the mobile phone of your target will take very little time. You can complete the whole process of installation in less than 10 minutes. Once the installation process is completed, you can login to your mSpy account and start accessing data reports. The data reports of WhatsApp keep on flowing to your account at regular intervals.
  • This is a wonderful top rated WhatsApp hacker software for parents who want to protect their kids from chatting to dangerous people on WhatsApp website.
  • You will be able to hack all incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages with the help of this WhatsApp spy app.
  • mSpy has been in the market for several years. It has been a pioneer to many popular cellphone spy applications.
  • Its jailbreak-free feature is a unique feature that is not found in many so called best phone spying apps on the market.
  • Round the clock customer support provided by the support team is one of its biggest pluses. Your problems and doubts will be instantly cleared.
  • The technology is growing rapidly. mSpy cell phone surveillance software is constantly updated.
  • It is compatible with android phones, iPhones, iPads, and PCs.
  • This app works in stealth mode and remains hidden.
  • Free demo is available.
  • The price ranges from $20 to $200 depending upon the features and duration.
  • You should remember one important thing. You cannot install mSpy without gaining access to the target phone you want to spy on.

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  1. Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile Phone Tracker

This mobile spy software is considered to be one of the best softwares for hacking WhatsApp in android phones. Why is it a top rated WhatsApp spy software for android phones? It is because of its standout features. What are they?

  • Highster Mobile spying app runs in the background. It cannot be detected because it does not show itself.
  • Most kids have the habit of deleting all their WhatsApp chats Highster Mobile has the unique feature of tracking deleted WhatsApp messages too.
  • It helps you to monitor all WhatsApp messages sent and received.
  • It is very easy to access WhatsApp chat details because reports are sent to your Highster cell phone monitoring account at periodic intervals. You can read all messages from WhatsApp by logging into your personal account.
  • The app keeps on functioning even if the target changes his or her mobile phone number. Reinstallation of the application is not necessary if the mobile number is changed.
  • The location of the target will be displayed through a real map with the help of its GPS tracking facility.
  • Installation of Highster Mobile cell phone monitoring software is very easy. It takes less than 5 minutes to install this spying app.
  • The biggest benefit is that the fee charged is lifetime fee. No monthly fees are charged. No additional charges are made. It is much cheaper when compared to other android mobile spying softwares to hack WhatsApp account secretly.
  • It is affordable to all because the one time fee is just $69.99 approximately.
  • It is compatible in all android phones.
  • You are assured of 24/7 customer support.
  • Apart from WhatsApp tracking, it offers other spying facilities. It has all basic spying features like text messages monitoring, call monitoring, email tracking etc.

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  1. FlexiSpy

Free Flexispy software demo video

FlexiSpy, WhatsApp spy app is considered to be one of the best. Most of the best WhatsApp spy app reviews include FlexiSpy software application because of its efficient working and other important features. Its salient features include the following.

  • It is compatible with most of the smartphones of today.
  • You can get live feed of all WhatsApp chats. Its live feed does not stop with WhatsApp alone. It tracks live chats in other social apps like FaceBook, WeChat etc.
  • It provides many advanced features including live call listening and live call recording etc.
  • It is not easy to detect FlexiSpy app in the targeted phone because it hides itself under several different names. The target will not be able to determine if this spyware is running in his or her phone or not.
  • Installation of FlexiSpy is an easy process without too many technical difficulties.
  • When you install this cellphone spying software to the target’s phone, you will start to get live feeds on WhatsApp chats, images, videos and audios etc.
  • Call interception is one of its unique features. You can listen to live calls. If you are doubtful of any contacts you will be alerted whenever a call is sent to and received from the number. You can listen to all conversations made by the target to the suspicious number.
  • Blocking apps is a great tool for parental control. You can block any app that you feel are not suitable for your little ones.
  • Keyword monitoring is another unique feature. Anything typed on the keyboard can be traced with the help of FlexiSpy phone monitoring software. This helps you to detect passwords.
  • You can listen to the background voices through ambient listening feature. This will help you to know about the location of the target and the people with him or her.
  • It has spying features like call monitoring, message tracking, photo viewing, video watching, contact list spying, internet browsing spying and email spying etc.
  • You are offered with live chat support for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • It supports all smartphones including android, Blackberry, Apple devices etc.
  • Its price for one year license is $149.

Its drawback is that you cannot install FlexiSpy app without jailbreaking iPhone devices and rooting android devices. This information is correct as of the date I posted this ‘best WhatsApp spy software reviews’ on this site. Be sure to check their official site to see if they’ve now included this feature.

CLICK HERE to visit the OFFICIAL FlexiSpy website

  1. SpyEra

spyera does it work

It is an award winning WhatsApp spy app. It is one of the best WhatsApp spywares for the next generation smartphones.

  • It is a top rated WhatsApp spy software because of its special WhatsApp spying features. You can view all WhatsApp incoming and outgoing messages. Language is not a barrier to track WhatsApp chats with SpyEra. Records of WhatsApp messages transferred to your account have details like time and date etc. You can view the profile picture of the WhatsApp contact. This will help you to find who the person is and if he or she is a fraud. You can view all video clips, photos and images. You can listen to all audio messages in WhatsApp.
  • Remote control is one of its spying features. You can control the target phone without accessing the phone physically.
  • You can recover stolen phones with the help of SpyEra. Ambient listening helps you to listen to sounds and GPS tracking helps you to track the location. Catching the thief and recovering the lost phone becomes much easier.
  • You will be notified secretly with alerts.
  • You can grab all passwords to social networking sites like Twitter, FaceBook etc. with the help of keystrokes tracking feature.
  • Searching the web account is very easy with the help of keyword based search.
  • Apart from SpyEra WhatsApp spying features it has all other usual features like GPS tracking, SMS tracking, call monitoring, contact list spying etc.
  • Ambient recording is one of its special features.
  • You can install SpyEra without much difficulty. You need not be a technical buzz to install SpyEra mobile spying app.
  • Your personal control account will be started once you install SpyEra software in your target’s phone. You can get all data from a smartphone or PC or Laptop connected to internet.
  • This secret app for spying mobile phones undetected has been in the market for more than six years. It has undergone several periodical updates and remains one of the top rated apps to spy on WhatsApp messages secretly.
  • Price of SpyEra spying app starts from $49. The highest range is $189. The price differs depending upon the device to be used. For example, the price for tracking tablet is different from the price for tracking a smartphone. You cannot install SpyEra without jailbreaking iPhone devices. This is not a major drawback because you can jailbreak an iPhone device with the help of the instructions given in customer support.

CLICK HERE to visit the OFFICIAL SpyEra website

Before buying a spy app to hack others WhatsApp account you should know what to look for while choosing a WhatsApp spy app.

What are the factors to be considered when selecting the best WhatsApp spyware to buy?

  • The first and foremost feature to be considered is the reliability of the app. You should make sure that it will send all necessary data to you without any hassles. If you buy an unreliable app to spy WhatsApp messages unnoticed, what will be the consequences? It will affect the speed and performance of your phone. Your hard earned money will be wasted. You will have to uninstall the app from the target phone. You will need to buy another app for spying the target and install the new app again.

    Installation, uninstallation and reinstallation need physical access of the phone. When you try to get physical access of the target phone repeatedly it can make your target doubtful of your intentions. It is always wise to make sure that the app you choose is reliable. Customer reviews is one of the best ways to check the reliability of a spying app. You should also look for experience. A product that has been in the market for a long time is more reliable.

  • The basic spying features are almost the same in all mobile monitoring apps. The advanced features vary from one spy app to another. Some apps have a lot of advanced features and some apps have limited features. Some apps do not have WhatsApp spying feature. How to hack WhatsApp – If this is your main problem, you should make sure that the spyware you choose has WhatsApp tracking feature. It would be better if the app to spy on WhatsApp messages undetected has other features also. It is true that WhatsApp hack feature is important but other features are added bonuses and you can get good return for the money spent.

  • This is very important for a mobile monitoring app. Remaining hidden and undetected in the target’s phone is a basic requirement. Not all spywares remain 100% detected. Some spy apps are shown in different names to prevent the target from guessing. Some spying apps are masked under code numbers or code names. It is better to make sure that the WhatsApp hacking app you choose is undetectable. This can save a lot of problems in the long run. You should look for apps that have been designed by experts after years of research.

  • All spying apps have one thing in common and that is sending secret data to the secret control panel of the app user. Do all apps send data in the same format? No, definitely not. Some spyware apps send the data in a neat and easy to understand format, whereas, some apps send data without formatting them. If you receive texts, videos, audios and numerical data together, you may have to spend hours together to sort them out and spend more time to understand them. It is not possible to waste time in the modern world where time is more precious than everything else.

  • When you buy and install a spyware to spy on someone without being caught you may get a lot of doubts. Several questions will rise in your minds. You can have your questions answered and problems solved only with the help of the customer support team. You should look for a spy app product with a dedicated and knowledgeable customer support team that provides maximum support anytime of the day. They should provide various options of customer support like toll free phone support, live chat support and email support etc.

  • Last but not the least is the price. Budgeting and sticking to the budget are essential these days. You should make sure that the WhatsApp spying app you buy does not exceed your budget. You should also make sure that the product offers the right features for the price paid. Some spywares are available even for $5 per month but they will definitely not have WhatsApp hacking feature. WhatsApp hacker feature is an advanced feature and you may not find it in all mobile phone spying tools. Price is an important factor but you should remember that not all cheap products are best and similarly, not all expensive products are the best.

What is the final verdict – Which is the best WhatsApp spy app to buy?

A mobile tracking app that is the best for one individual may not be the best phone spying application for another. The needs vary from one person to another. First you should decide what your budget is. Choose all apps that suit your budget. Then you have to make a list of your requirements. Find which app has all the features you are looking for. All the four WhatsApp spying software reviewed above are competent products.

Are you on a budget? If so, Highster Mobile software may be the app you were looking for. Are you looking for a reliable WhatsApp spy app with other advanced features too? If so, mSpy software may be the best for you. Analyze your needs before making the final decision.

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The best WhatsApp spy app reviews - Looking for most TRUSTED phone spywares to hack into someone’s WhatsApp account secretly to track messages and chats? Reviews on best reliable WhatsApp spy software tools that work undetected

best WhatsApp spy app reviews

Review of the best software apps to hack WhatsApp messages and chats secretly that works